About the Author


Author Susan Renni Anderson grew up in a happy, multi-generational Jewish family.

At times there were five generations sitting down to dinner. Her great-grandparents came to the United States from Eastern Europe fleeing the pogroms – horrific outbreaks of violence against the Jews. Her great-grandmother was the daughter of an outspoken rabbi. The whole family was whisked out of Russia to avoid capture and execution. Her grandparents were all born in the U.S. settling in Chicago. Susan started Sunday school at 3 years old. She attended Hebrew school from 4th through 9th grade training for her Bat Mitzvah.

In 2005 the Temple her family attended merged with another congregation and moved an hour away. Susan’s late husband traveled extensively for work. He typically flew home on Friday afternoons – too late to turn around and drive another hour to attend Shabbat services. It just became easier not to go. With no place to fellowship and worship with like-minded people, Susan began a faith-journey which led her to her church. She felt a tug of war going on in her soul. Susan knows with complete certainty that it was the Holy Spirit pulling her to Christ.

Susan Renni Anderson lives in northeast Georgia